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Can You Escape Walkthrough Level 1 to 5

Can You Escape Walkthrough
Can You Escape Solution

Walkthrough for levels 1 to 5.

(Click here for levels 6 to 10)

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the room-escape game "Can you escape?".  Detailed explanations with tips, hints, and cheats to help you if you are stuck on a level.  This can you escape walkthrough is compiled using the android version.  The screen-prints and instructions can be slightly different on other platforms.

About "Can you Escape":  The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms.  Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to advance to the next floor.  Challenge yourself in this fun, addictive, free, and popular puzzle game.

Can you escape level 1 walkthrough
The yellow room on floor 1.

Can you escape level 1 solution
Tap the wooden box on the floor, next to the shelve.
Solve the very easy horse puzzle by rotating each piece until it is oriented correctly.
Take the handle.

Zoom on the small table left of the elevator door.
Attach the handle.
Open and take the screwdriver.

Zoom in to the painting on the wall.
Notice the 1915.

Zoom into the grate below the painting.
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws and take the cover off.
Use the code 1915.
Take the golden key.

Zoom in on the key hole to the right of the door.
Use the golden key to unlock and open.
Enter the elevator to win level 1.

Can you escape level 2 walkthrough
The beige room

Can you escape level 2 solution
Look on the table on the left for the deck of bicycle playing cards
Lift the box to see the code 493.

Open the box in the lower left corner with the code 493.
The box does not auto-open.  With the correct code, zoom out, then tap the handle to open.
Take the white handle.

Zoom in on the tap above the green bottle in the top right corner.
Add the white handle to the tap.
Open the tap.
Take the key from the bottle.

Use the key to open the cabinet lower right corner.
Take the access card.

Zoom in on the access card reader to the left of the door.
Insert the access card.

Enter the elevator to solve level 2.

Can you escape level 3 walkthrough
The turquoise room

Can you escape level 3 solution
Take the large wrench from the floor in the lower left area under the chair.
Open the top cabinet door.  Use the wrench to take the L-shaped pipe.
Open the bottom cabinet door and take the black laptop battery.

Zoom in on the race cars.  (If you do net see all 4 colored race cars, then you need to zoom out and try again but more to the left).
Remember the colors from left to right: yellow, blue, red, green.

Zoom in on the laptop (on the desk on the left).
Insert the black laptop battery.
Enter the password by changing the colors from left to right to yellow, blue, red, green.
Remember the pattern on the screen (From top to bottom: 2323)

Zoom in on the knobs below the TV.
Change the knobs to match the pattern on the screen (from top to bottom 2323)
Insert the L-shaped pipe to open.
Take the golden key.

Insert the key into the keyhole left of the door.
Enter the elevator to solve level 3.

Can you escape level 4 walkthrough
The beige kitchen

Can you escape level 4 solution
Look at the bottles on the top right shelf.  Remember the color order: blue, red, yellow, green.
Open the wine fridge by changing the knob colors to match the bottles (blue, red, yellow, green)
Take the corkscrew.

Move the blue pot then use the corkscrew to open the compartment.
Take the knife.

Take the battery from the right chair.  You need to tap it first to move it out.

Zoom in on the blinds and use the knife to cut off the right-side blind-stick.

Use the knife to cut open the box on the floor.
Take the torch flashlight from inside the box.

Open the compartment in the middle of the room on the floor, using the corkscrew again.
Insert the batteries into the flashlight torch.
Use the flashlight torch to shine down the hole.
Use the blind-stick to get the keys.

Zoom in on the door lock to the right of the door.
Insert the keys to unlock.

Enter the elevator to solve level 4.

Can you escape level 5 walkthrough
The dart board room

Can you escape level 5 solution
Zoom in on the dartboard and notice the colors of the darts on each number:
Blue = 5, Red = 4, Green = 8.

Go left (use the zoom out arrow in the lower left corner)
Get the brown eyeball from the small table left of the bed.
Get the blue eyeball from the box on the bicycle.

Look at the colors underneath each painting above the bed: (tap to zoom in to see better)
pink, cyan, black, white.

Go to the table under the dart board and change the colors as per the paintings:
(pink, cyan (light blue), black, white.
Take the pencil.

Zoom in on the piece of paper on the table.  Use the pencil to color it...
You need to see 6 bars.  Remember the height of each: High, Medium, Low, High, Medium, High

Zoom in on the brown box next to the bicycle.
Open with the order as per the 6 bars: High, Medium, Low, High, Medium, High
Take the silver key.

Zoom in on the table left of the elevator.
Insert the 2 eyeballs to open.
Take the bird food.

Zoom on the bird cage.
Give the food to the bird then take the golden key from the bottom of the cage.

Zoom on the silver control box right of the elevator.
Insert the gold key on the left and silver key right.

Change the first set of digits according to the darts: 845
Solve 845 + 129 = 974.  Light will go green.

Enter the elevator and level 5 is solved.

To continue the walkthrough, click here for levels 6 to 10


  1. tthis is true help

  2. Awesome...thanks

  3. The game seems broken on level 5.
    When I zoom left, everything I touch brings me back to the dart board, where I cannot exit without leaving the game.

    too bad - I really enjoyed this game.

    1. I did not experience this behavior. Strange. Try to reboot your device and try again. Hope it comes right, as this is indeed an enjoyable game to play!

  4. How do you change the colors on level 5?

  5. Thanks,It sure hepled!!

  6. What do you mean by "take the handle" in first step of level 1?

  7. I'm having trouble on level three when I put the pattern below the t. v it doesn't do anything afterwards.